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Welcome ! 

If you're looking for a meal delivery and catering service  specifically conceived to meet the nutritional needs of new moms,  and/or a postnatal doula, you've landed at the right place!

We care for moms, cook them delicious and comforting meals with 99% of organic ingredients, and we support them through the first months following childbirth to ease their transition into motherhood. 




New parents' basic needs are pretty straightforward: resting and eating well! 

The first few weeks following childbirth are often trying, physically and emotionally speaking. In order for the body - and the mind - to recover, nutrition is essential. 

Our meals are developed to support new moms' bodies and promote their regeneration.

We use organic produces that for the vast majority are directly bought from small farmers, and our packaging is environmentally friendly. 

Our dishes are mostly vegetarian. The only meat we sometimes prepare is free range chicken, and not more than once a week.

If you are a vegetarian, please leave me a note to let me know while filling the order form; I'll be delighted to offer an alternative catered to your taste. 


Please also make sure that you inform me of any food allergy you may have at the time of ordering. Again, I'll make sure to look into accommodating your organism's specific needs.


Are you familiar with the concept of meal trains?

A meal train refers to the process of setting up, contributing to and coordinating meals for for a loved one going through an overwhelming transition or life change, leading them to become unable to cook for themselves. This person may be a friend, a sister, or neighbour who just had a baby, for example.

New parents are usually very appreciative of meal trains, as they help relieve them from the daily stresses and challenges which accompany the birth of a new family member. Going grocery shopping, cooking, and doing the dishes are chores they would happily go without!

However, not everyone is a great cook, and not everyone is aware of the specific nutritional intake the woman's body needs after giving birth. And that's exactly when Oponopono comes into play! 


Our mission is to select the best organic and nutrient-rich ingredients, cook balanced and hearty meals that promote the regeneration of the woman's body during the 4th trimester of pregnancy, and get them delivered to yourself or the person you want to support.

Click here to discover the menu of the month : 

Come on and hop on the meal train! Spots are limited,  so don't forget to book in advance!



3 days of healthy, nutrient-rich home-made meals delivered at home!

This is the perfect gift that all new moms dream about: a terrific help and comforting support when back from the maternity ward!

€ 129.00

Crumble de fenouil & tomates cerise rôties.jpg


1 semaine de repas pour la maman, livrés à domicile!

                                          * en 2 livraisons

Une semaine de délicieux repas spécialement conçus pour la femme en postpartum.

Plats x 6

Goûters x 6

Soupes - diner x 6

Desserts x 6

Focaccia x1

Scone x1




Absolute peace of mind! Healthy meals delivered at home for both new parents. 

Focus on your baby rather than on the daily chores! Live the first few days of your baby's life free of hassle and inconveniences. Forget about going grocery shopping, cooking, and doing the dishes: enjoy healthy and nourishing meals delivered at your doorstep!

€ 250.00

Congee riz coco shiitake & poulet.jpg


1 week of healthy meals for the mom, delivered at home!

Enjoy 1 full week of delicious and regenerating meals, catered to the nutritional needs of new moms.

€ 245.00

All options include 2 meals per day (lunch & dinner).

1 meal = 1 hearty dish + 1 dessert


Deliveries within Paris and in the inner suburbs (92, 93, 94) are scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays.

Deliveries in the departments 77 and 78 can be arranged upon request. 

Please note that deliveries in the suburbs may happen in the afternoon, depending on the carrier.


Don't hesitate to get in touch for further details and information!

Meals can be stored in the fridge for a maximum of 3 days. They are always prepared with fresh ingredients the day before delivery or on the day of delivery to ensure that they contain the maximum amount of nutrients.


Les repas étaient très bons! Je suis très satisfaite, c'était vraiment bien.

Cela m'a libéré l'esprit de ne pas penser à la préparation de mes repas.

Clairement cela m'a permis de manger équilibré.


J'ai eu plus de temps avec mon bébé et son papa, moins de stress. Une meilleure lactation pour bébé qui a repris son poids de naissance en moins d'une semaine et également une très bonne digestion.


Plats délicieux et de qualité. Service impécable qui m'a littéralement sauvée!

Récupération, plaisir et réconfort pendant mon séjour à la maternité.

Bravo pour ce service qui devrait être reconnu d'utilité publique!


Nous avons appréciés avoir des desserts sains mais aussi gourmands à chaque repas. La livraison de repas m'a apporté tranquilité d'esprit, sérénité sur la gestion du quotidien, du temps pour mes repas et donc plus de patience avec mes filles.


Les repas étaient parfaits, le choix varié et authentique.

la tranquilité de ne pas penser à cuisiner.

Etre nourrie à l'idée de recevoir les plats


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